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digades portfolio at a glance


Our focus: long-distance remote control systems, HMI with special features as well as comfort and safety electronics.

From the product idea to the finished serial product, we accompany you in all phases of the product development process.


If you are looking for product optimization or new development, we rely on our RF competence, with our own pre-development and validation departments.


You expect production at its highest level? We rely on production according to a safety concept, for guaranteed minimum field failure rates.

Realization at the highest level.

We work according to the latest standards. IATF, IPC, ISO, FUSI ... - from prototype to series.

digades lives quality in all company processes
More than just standard.
Manual inspection with digades
We develop your highly efficient, economical and exactly fitting production concept
digades Software Validation: Developer turns the controller on the test device
Optimum performance: high ranges with low energy consumption
Auxiliary heating radio remote control from digades
For more then 30 years now, we have been connecting products in various applications.
Functional safety according to ISO26262
We ensure safety in series.
digades logistics solutions - Warehouse in the production centre
With us, your products will always arrive reliably and exactly at the desired time. You can count on that.
digades synthetic resin casting plant
We have something against corrosion. Our special synthetic resin casting technique.
a digades product is validated
Hardware and software in top form, not only perceived, but tested
digades close-up production of a product developed in-house.
Assembly of the circuit boards for your product in small, medium and large series
We support you with the worldwide certification of your product.
digades circuit board mounting machine
From sample to mass production.
Prototyping and fixture construction at digades
Do you need technologies that are precisely tailored to your product?



Development and production of radio remote control solutions for auxiliary heaters


Development and production of motorcycle eCall switch


Electronics development and production


Development and production of Touchless Sensor


Electronics development and production


Development and production of differential lock switch


Development and production of radio remote control solutions for pre-heating and car climate control

experience and competence.

More then 30 years of development and production.
Intelligent, high-quality designed products.

drc Smart Key from digades
Range-independent remote control for vehicle functions
Enable your customers to use drc Smart Key: the fastest, simplest and most intuitive way of remote control for comfort functions and vehicle access. Extra fast and super simple, flexible, intuitive and with the highest security standard in the market.
drc Remote Engine Start from digades enables remote engine start over a long distance
The drc Remote Engine Start is a radio remote control solution for remote engine start.
The drc Remote Engine Start enables the climatisation of the vehicle interior over a long distance.
Differential lock switch from digades before installation in an OEM vehicle
A control unit for rough terrain.
The differential lock switch is a central control element in the dashboard that allows the user to control the vehicles differential locks.
digades produced and developed the radio remote control with chrome clasp
Radio remote control solutions for vehicle air conditioning
Compact design, super-easy operation and high reach: under the term digades remote c, we combine our expertise in radio remote control solutions.
eCall switch on BMW Motorrad
Rapid aid for motorcyclists in case of an accident
eCall switch is a control unit with push-button and cover flap that allows the user to make an emergency call and is mounted directly on the motorcycle handlebars.
A motorcycle with dguard rides fully loaded on a road
Intelligent emergency call, manual emergency call, theft warning and touring roadbook for retrofitting or as integrated version
Clever emergency call in case of an accident - even if the driver is unconscious. dguard automatically detects when the motorcycle is involved in an accident situation. The system immediately and directly alerts the emergency call center to quickly call for professional help. Therefore, it sends the current coordinates…
dfreeeze in front of the main building of digades GmbH
digades proprietary development for range-independent control of vehicle components
Limitless comfort thanks to dfreeeze for cars dfreeeze is a universally applicable connected car solution for simple and range-independent control of auxiliary heating and ventilation. A smartphone app and the corresponding receiver in the car communicate with the auxiliary heater's receiver in the vehicle. The…
The Corona-Warn-Buzzer helps to interrupt infection chains at an early stage.
Interrupt infection chains of the corona virus at an early stage using electronic contact tracing that fully complies with data protection requirements
As an alternative to the Corona-Warn-App, the Corona-Warn-Buzzer allows access to electronic contact tracing even for those who have neither a PC nor a smartphone.
The holistic approach of ok2work includes the use of mobile contact tracing wearables for the fastest possible information about risk encounters.
Prevent plant closures and interruptions of production during pandemics using modern technology
The corona pandemic poses major challenges for companies. Operational processes must be considered in order to ensure the continuity of business activities. ok2work supports companies on their way to this "new normal" in a sustainable way, without interfering extensively in operational processes.

Always on the pulse of time.

We are always on the move.
Innovative in all company departments.