dguard: intelligent emergency call system for motorcycles

Intelligent emergency call, manual emergency call, theft warning and touring roadbook for retrofitting or as integrated version

Clever emergency call in case of an accident - even if the driver is unconscious.

dguard automatically detects when the motorcycle is involved in an accident situation. The system immediately and directly alerts the emergency call center to quickly call for professional help. Therefore, it sends the current coordinates of the motorbike involved in the accident and connects the motorcyclist's bluetooth headset with the call center. This way - if the rider is conscious - information about the accident can be exchanged quickly and directly. Further functions: manual emergency call by pushing the SOS button, theft warning, touring roadbook.

dguard is based on the digades D300 platform.

Functions of dguard

dguard doesn't give motorcycle thieves any chance
dguard is equipped with an internal position and acceleration sensor that immediately detects movements when the ignition is switched off and notifies the owner of the moving motorcycle by push message or email.
dguard makes motorcycle tours relivable at any time
By activating the touring roadbook function in the dguard app, driven routes can be easily saved and viewed or shared with friends at any time. By exporting the data in a format readable by navigation systems, the rider can experience his tours over and over again.
dguard detects a motorcycle accident
Sensors installed in the dguard module detect accident situations quickly and reliably and safely distinguish them from everyday situations such as a motorcycle falling over.
By pressing the dguard SOS button, the motorcyclist can call for help independently.
In dangerous situations, the motorcyclist himself can contact 112 by using the dguard SOS button.
dguard automatically sends an emergency call to 112 in the event of a motorcycle accident.
If an accident is detected, dguard establishes a connection between the control center and the Bluetooth headset of the injured person. It informs about the motorcycle accident that has taken place and provides the coordinates. In this way, the motorcyclist - whether unconscious or responsive - is helped quickly.

Components of the dguard system

  • dguard module

  • dguard SOS button

  • dguard GPS antenna

  • dguard app for Android and iOS

  • accessories (cable harness, mounting material)

dguard on motorcycle near a lake

Accident detection and intelligent emergency call

Reliable crash detection

The dguard crash algorithm detects almost all possible accident scenarios by including several input variables. The system works independently, the required sensors are already integrated in the dguard module.

dguard lean angle
dguard direction
dguard GPS
dguard speed
Acceleration dguard

Overview dguard emergency call function

Procedure of the emergency call

  • If an accident is detected, dguard establishes a voice connection and transmits relevant information to:
    • national emergency call centers (PSAP)
    • optional: the common European eCall service or a certified service provider
    • optional: a digades infrastructure solution
  • the position data determined by the GPS antenna are communicated to the call center in the voice message
  • the rider is connected directly to the 112 emergency call centre via his paired Bluetooth headset to transmit further information

Theft warning

Theft warning: silent alarm with current position data

The theft warning enables an immediate notification of the motorcycle owner. The message (push or email) also contains the current position data of the motorcycle.

Facts about the theft warning

  • Theft warning is activated after the ignition is switched off
  • Sensitivity of the sensors can be set by the user
  • Notification by alarm tone and push message on the smartphone
  • Additional notification by Email to an address the user has chosen himself is possible
  • Theft warning contains the last transmitted position of the motorcycle and can be displayed on a map in the app
  • Position data is updated regularly

Dguard theft warning procedure

dguard app

Administration of the dguard functions

The dguard app is available in Android and IOs versions. It offers the possibility of managing emergency call, theft warning and touring roadbook functionality as well as checking the status of the system.

dguard App in front of motorcycle


  • (de-)activate intelligent emergency call
  • define people to be notified by SMS in the event of an accident
  • (de-)activate theft warning
  • set the sensitivity of the theft warning
  • display the last transmitted position of the motorcycle
  • (de-)activate the touring roadbook
  • graphic display of the tour
  • speed and altitude diagram
  • download, save GPX files for navigation systems
  • status query of the dguard system
dguard Dashboard
dguard app theft warning
dguard App touring roadbook map
dguard App touring roadbook measured values
dguard App Tour diary overview

Technical details

Clever technology composition for motorcycles

The power supply of the dguard module guarantees a power-saving operation, which saves the vehicle battery, even when the vehicle is not in motion for a longer period of time, by operating in wake-up mode. The position recognition is carried out by a GNSS module (GPS, GLONASS), whereby the last position is transmitted via 2G mobile phone communication. The software is based on the AUTOSAR 4.01 stack. With the complete "over the air" update capability and a permanently integrated SIM chip, digades guarantees a long-term stable and usable system.

Components of the dguard system

  • Operating voltage: 12 V DC (6 to 16 V DC)

  • Quiescent current consumption: < 100 μA (theft warning active)

  • max. current consumption: max. 1.5 A (short time for GSM burst)

  • Fuse protection terminal 30: 2 A (flat fuse Form C/Mini)

  • Fuse protection terminal 15: 2 A (flat fuse Form C/Mini)

  • Working temperature: -20 °C to +85 °C

  • Protection class: IP67 with connected wiring harness

Possible customer-specific adaptations

digades D300 platform

The digades D300 platform makes it possible to implement your product solution quickly and precisely tailored to your needs.

dguard module and button on a workshop trolley

One platform, many possibilities:

  • Modular system: adaptable and expandable by selecting different modules, e.g..:

    • GNSS2CAN

    • optional Bluetooth devices

    • dguard SOS button

  • Integration of a proprietary service solution with options for customer-specific adaptations and the official eCall standard

  • Optional connection to the system CAN:

    • Reading of vehicle information

    • Control of an OEM push button

    • and many more

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eCall switch on BMW Motorrad
Rapid aid for motorcyclists in case of an accident
eCall switch is a control unit with push-button and cover flap that allows the user to make an emergency call and is mounted directly on the motorcycle handlebars.

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