Whistleblower Protection Act

Whistleblower Protection Reporting Office

The German Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG) implements the EU Whistleblower Directive in Germany and aims to provide standardised EU-wide protection for whistleblowers for the first time. It regulates the protection of persons who have gained knowledge of breaches during their professional activities and pass this on to internal reporting centres (so-called whistleblowers).

The law prohibits any form of reprisal or retaliation against whistleblowers. The Whistleblower Protection Act aims to prevent such discrimination and guarantee whistleblowers legal security. It is intended to protect whistleblowers from possible measures in the area of labour and employment law, such as unfounded transfers, dismissals or the denial of promotions.

It is ensured that the reporting office:

  • maintains the confidentiality of the whistleblower
  • and that only the persons responsible for receiving and processing the reports have access to incoming reports.

Please use the following e-mail address to contact the internal Digades GmbH reporting office:

Messages and data received via the above e-mail address will be treated confidentially. Any contact details provided will only be used to process your message and to get back to you.

If you wish to remain completely anonymous, please do not enter any personal data, such as your name or your relationship to the persons involved. Do not enter any data that could be used to identify you (such as a clearly identifiable personal e-mail address). Please also ensure that you have a secure Internet connection, indicated by the lock symbol in the address bar of your browser. If possible, do not use any technical devices provided by your company. An intranet connection in particular can jeopardise your anonymity.