Interrupt infection chains of the corona virus at an early stage using electronic contact tracing that fully complies with data protection requirements

YOUR Smart Alternative to the Corona-Warn-App

As a smart alternative to the Corona-Warn-App, the Corona-Warn-Buzzer also enables those who either do not own a smartphone or only an older model on which the Corona-Warn-App cannot be installed to participate in electronic contact tracing.

Fully compatible

The full compatibility of the Corona-Warn-Buzzer with the Corona-Warn-App means that the two systems can work together to trace infection chains more comprehensively and interrupt them at an early stage. Thus, the Corona-Warn-Buzzer will in future also function in all countries in which the official Corona-Warn-App can also record encounters.

Warning by means of self-explanatory LED signal, sound and vibration

The Corona-Warn-Buzzer registers via Bluetooth how long corona warning devices come close to each other and for how long. These devices can be other Corona-Warn-Buzzers, but also smartphones with an installed and active Corona-Warn-App. If someone tests positive and releases their collected, anonymous Bluetooth codes for sending ("uploading") to the corona warning backend by pressing a button, they are stored there in a list of positive codes. The corona warning devices retrieve this list and compare locally whether an encounter has taken place. The risk of infection is then calculated depending on the distance and duration of the movement, and contact persons are notified if a risk is detected.
If there is an increased risk, the indicator on the Corona-Warn-Buzzer lights up red. In this case, it is strongly recommended to go home or stay in isolation and coordinate further action with the public health department or a doctor. In addition to encounters with increased risk, the Corona-Warn-Buzzer also indicates encounters with lower risk. Very short encounters, for example. The warning LED on the device then lights up orange. In this case, the person concerned does not have to do anything other than continue to adhere to the generally applicable hygienic and distance rules.

This is how the Corona-Warn-Buzzer works

Functional schematic Corona-Warn-Buzzer

Trace infection chains at any time, anonymously and in line with data protection requirements

Whether high or low risk, the Corona-Warn-Buzzer offers users the highest possible protection of their personal data. Since the device cannot be assigned to anyone personally, the tracking of encounters and infection chains is completely anonymous. The Corona-Warn-Buzzer does not indicate when an encounter took place. Because with date and time, in many cases one would know very precisely to whom a reported risk encounter is to be assigned. During the entire period of use, the Corona-Warn-Buzzer does not assign any personal data. Thus, users can be sure that they remain completely anonymous despite their use. Random codes stored on the Corona-Warn-Buzzers from encounters with other warning devices are automatically deleted after 14 days. Reporting one's own infection can also be done completely anonymously.

Scope of Delivery

Corona-Warn-Buzzer Set for the field test in Augustusburg.
  • Corona-Warn-Buzzer
  • Power supply unit including charging cable
  • Key fob
  • User manual
  • Data protection information

For whom is the Corona-Warn-Buzzer suitable?

  • People without smartphone
    • Elderly people

    • Children and teenagers

  • People with smartphone
    • Users of older smartphones that do not run the Corona-Warn-App.

    • People with smartphones and data protection concerns

Areas of application

  • Schools/educational institutions (students and teachers)

  • Offices and ministries

  • Hospitals, psychiatric clinics, convalescent homes and rehabilitation centres (employees and patients)

  • Federal Armed Forces

  • Police, fire brigade, relief organisations

  • Employees/service providers/freelancers with frequent customer contact

The Corona Warning Buzzer checks possible risk encounters in compliance with data protection regulations. It uses Bluetooth technology.

Corona-Warn-Buzzer: The Corona-Warn-App in a simple key fob

Advantages for users

  • Self-explanatory display of own infection risk via LED

  • Small, light, handy, yet robust and splash-proof

  • Compact mobile device for electronic contact tracing

  • No smartphone or computer needed for use, can be used simply by carrying it

  • Easy to use - charge, switch on and encounter detection starts automatically

  • No installation required

  • No private internet connection, no available wifi hotspot or additional infrastructure required

  • Independent of Google and Apple, yet fully compatible with the Corona-Warn-App

  • Significantly longer battery life than a smartphone (about 1 week) and faster charging cycles than many smartphones (max. 1 h)

  • Data protection: no personal data is stored on the device

  • Only encounters with other devices are recorded (according to EU-GDPR)

  • No GPS integrated, therefore no creation of movement profiles possible

Advantages for the public health service

  • Relief for health authorities in tracing chains of infection

  • Very easy to use, compatible alternative to the Corona-Warn-App

  • Coverage gap of the Corona-Warn-App is reduced

  • More widespread use of corona warning devices ensures that chains of infection are broken across the board

  • Even faster notification of risk encounters than possible via analogue/manual means

  • Automated contact tracing

  • No additional technical infrastructure required

  • Contact tracing compliant with EU-GDPR → no creation of movement profiles

  • Only encounters with other devices (Corona-Warn-Buzzer/smartphone with Corona-Warn-App) are documented

Fakten zum Corona-Warn-Buzzer
Corona-Warn-Buzzer fact sheet

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