Start of the field test for the Corona-Warn-Buzzer in Augustusburg

Thursday, 10th Dezember 2020

The starting signal will be given on December, 12th - a smart alternative to the existing Corona-Warn-App will be tested in the field. Up to 2,500 test persons have agreed to take part in the trial in Augustusburg, Saxony. Particular attention will be paid to places where people without smartphones meet in confined spaces. The newly developed Corona-Warn-Buzzer is intended to help make contact tracing possible even for those who do not own or do not want to use a smartphone. To this end, the Free State of Saxony is funding the project with 2 million euros.

The data protection-compliant device next to the Corona-Warn-App

In a very short time, a consortium of research institutes and companies from Saxony has developed the Corona-Warn-Buzzer. In size and appearance, very similar to the radio key of a car, the smart device is based on the functionality of the existing Corona-Warn-App. However, the Corona-Warn-Buzzer does not use the servers of Apple and Google, nor does it require an active WLAN. There is also no installation effort required. After charging and switching on for the first time, the Corona-Warn-Buzzer is immediately ready to start.

Dr. Ing. Sascha Berger is managing director of the electronics specialist digades GmbH

Together we have found a solution which can also integrate people into the environment of electronic contact tracing in compliance with data protection regulations who either do not have a smartphone or do not want to use the app. The result, the Corona-Warn-Buzzer, is very easy to use and can be taken anywhere.

Dr.-Ing. Sascha Berger, CEO of digades GmbH and consortium leader of the Corona-Warn-Buzzer development project

Augustusburg tests the Corona-Warn-Buzzer

Thanks to the support of the citizens of Augustusburg, the new warning device can now be tested in the field. Dirk Neubauer, mayor of the small Saxon town: "I would like to express my sincere thanks to the people in my town. In the meantime, we in Saxony are particularly affected by the Corona pandemic. It is important that we all make a contribution to relieve the burden on our health system".

The Corona-Warn-Buzzer will be tested from Thursday 10th December. At the same time, the test will be carried out by the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG). If the result is positive, the Corona-Warn-Buzzer could soon go into series production. The consortium around the digades GmbH includes the Barkhausen Institute, Exelonixs GmbH and FEP Fahrzeugelektrik Pirna GmbH.

At the start of the field test, the Saxon Minister of Health Petra Köpping will present the Corona-Warn-Buzzer together with participating partners.

Corona-Warn-Buzzer Set for the field test in Augustusburg.

The Corona-Warn-Buzzer Set for the Augustusburg field test

  • Corona-Warn-Buzzer
  • Power supply unit including charging cable
  • Key fob
  • User manual
  • Data protection information

Joint development within the consortium

In the project, digades GmbH as consortium leader is responsible for the series development and production of the corona warning buzzer. Dresden-based exelonix GmbH provides the device software and an IoT hardware platform for this purpose. This will be transferred to series production and manufactured by digades. The Barkhausen Institut gGmbH researches the trustworthiness of technologies for the Internet of Things in close cooperation with the TU Dresden. The institute is thus responsible for the data protection concept as well as for consulting on its implementation. As a specialist in the field of innovative tool technologies, FEP Fahrzeugelektrik Pirna is responsible for the design and manufacture of the tools for the series production of the Corona-Warn-Buzzer.

digades project Corona Warn Buzzer is funded by the Free State of Saxony