ok2open model project in the "Eisarena Bremerhaven"

Monday, 9th August 2021

In the "Stadthalle & Eisarena Bremerhaven", the "Fishtown Penguins" were able to hold a public team training session with spectators again. This was made possible by a pilot project. Around 500 key fobs, co-developed and manufactured by digades, were used for digital contact tracing. Our development partner acticom supervised the implementation of the model project on site. The principle is very simple: the fobs are assigned to the participants during the event and anonymously record all encounters between individual devices during this time. In the event of a Corona infection detected afterwards, only risk encounters that actually took place need to be followed up by organisers and health authorities. A blanket quarantine for all participants is not necessary. This is a real advantage for everyone involved and can help to make events commercially viable during the autumn and winter season. The findings from the pilot project are currently being evaluated in order to further optimise the handling process when issuing and returning the key fobs.