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Sascha and Tim Berger run the digades family business .

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the clever safety system for motorcyclists


dguard helps motorcyclists in tricky situations: the intelligent emergency call system calls for help quickly and independently of the smartphone - even if the motorcyclist is no longer able to do so after an accident. Thanks to automatic accident detection, the system, which can be retrofitted in motorcycles, quickly provides rescue. Additional features: Theft warning, touring roadbook and find-my-bike function.

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Konni, brand ambassador dguard of digades

A motorcycle emergency call system is part of standard equipment in the 21st century. We are highly technologised. When it comes to safety, no one has to live in the stone age. (Konni, motorcyclist)


one, two, window clear!


With the dfreeeze app and the corresponding receiver module in the car, owners of auxiliary heaters can control them from anywhere in the world. This way the vehicle is already ready to drive when others have to clean snow and ice from their car with an ice scraper...

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