drc Smart Key

Range-independent remote control for vehicle functions with integrated UWB technology

Will we control vehicle functions and vehicle access only via app in the future? Just one solution for everyone?

You know your customers well. Individuality and intuitive operating concepts are more important than ever. Because every user is different. Rely on a modular platform solution that provides you with highest flexibility, offers more and guarantees the best possible operating comfort for your customers. Using the drc Smart Key, you are now able to expand the functionality of modern UWB vehicle access systems with the most intuitive form of remote control of comfort functions and keyless vehicle access. Discover a new generation of intelligent radio remote control solutions that opens up new business models and interacts smoothly with your existing OEM app.

All-in-one platform solution

With the drc Smart Key, your customers control both air conditioning and keyless access to the vehicle through integrated mobile radio technology, regardless of range. Just as quickly as easily and highly flexible. With the highest security standard on the market. The Intelligent Transmission Select technology (ITS) developed by digades ensures a highly efficient and secure transmission of the radio signal by selecting the optimum transmission technology for each case. The radio transmission from a distance is carried out by means of NarrowBand IoT and an LTE M2M connection via the vehicle cloud. In the short range, the UWB Two Way Ranging technology with anchors installed in the vehicle for distance determination, enables a secure vehicle start by means of a unique authentication of the driver. Bluetooth Low Energy ensures energy-efficient control of vehicle functions and the transmission of distance values determined via UWB TWR for secure vehicle access. The integrated NFC technology enables inductive charging of the drc Smart Key and vehicle access even when the battery is discharged.

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Reduced to the essentials

The reduced design of the drc Smart Key without display ensures particularly long battery life of up to 30 days without recharging, compact dimensions and low weight. The user's focus remains on the functions to be operated, which are controlled intuitively and in fractions of a second.
Give your customers a status symbol with your individual vehicle key that will be also used in the future to interact with your products. Our universal platform solution is suitable for use in the automotive sector as well as for controlling comfort functions and vehicle access in trucks, motor homes or caravans as well as agricultural vehicles and motorcycles. Special solutions beyond the classic vehicle key are also conceivable for the drc Smart Key. Just contact us! Together we will find a solution that fits exactly to your requirements.

Key facts

  • Range-independent remote control of vehicle access, vehicle air conditioning and comfort options

  • Remote control solution with integrated mobile technology and UWB to extend your OEM app

  • Cost-efficient all-in-one platform solution

  • Compatible with a wide range of vehicle drives: ICE, FCV, HEV, PHEV, BEV

  • Highly secure radio transmission via 4 independent communication channels (NFC, UWB TWR, BLE NB IoT)

  • Patented digades ITS technology (Intelligent Transmission Select) with intelligent selection of the most efficient and optimal radio technology for transmission, depending on the controlled function and distance to the vehicle

  • Integrated rechargeable battery, cordless, inductive rechargeable by means of Qi-compatible charging coil

  • Updates "Over the air" (OTA) possible

  • Additional business models:

    • "Functions on Demand"

    • Smart Key Fob as an option


  • Vehicle air conditioning

    • Auxiliary heating

    • Ventilation

    • Air conditioning

    • Remote Engine Start function available for the American and Asian market

  • Battery preconditioning (BEVs)

    • System enables up to 30% more range through timely thermal preconditioning of the battery in electric vehicles before the start of the journey

  • Smart access

    • Keyless vehicle access

  • Automatic locking and unlocking of vehicle doors

    • Keyless vehicle start

  • Intelligent authentication of the driver as well as locking and unlocking of the engine control

  • Vehicle status

    • Visual feedback on status and functionality

Advantages for the user

  • Convenient all-in-one wireless remote control solution

  • Range-independent

  • Fast feedback, very short latency times

  • Intuitive control of a wide range of vehicle functions - all integrated in a single radio remote control solution

  • Keyless vehicle access: fast, convenient, highly secure and intelligent

  • Currently the most secure solution on the market

  • Completely independent of smartphones

  • Very long battery life (up to 30 days)

  • Secure, keyless vehicle access even when the battery is discharged

  • Smart Key Fob inductively rechargeable in the vehicle

  • Operation easier, faster and more intuitive than with a smartphone

  • Small, light, robust, durable, sustainable

  • Focus on core functions

  • Key tracking function via GPS available as an option

  • Custom extension of functions possible through Functions on Demand

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