Electronic Design Services

The  current market trends are always firmly in our focus. In our innovative development department we already find today the advanced solutions for tomorrow's needs and offer high-quality technologies for the design of control panels and communication solutions.


Our range of services

  • Professional, reliable and up-to-date implementation of individualized product development projects into series production 
  • Customer-focused Requirements Management using  DOORS and a CMMI-compliant development based on the V-model
  • Production-oriented design and construction of plastic parts, as well as haptic design with CATIA based on customer specifications
  • Cost-optimized development of energy-efficient, EMC-compliant analogue and digital modules
  • Development  of embedded software applications, testing software  (LabView), and proprietary protocol stacks, as well as utilization of LIN and CAN bus systems
  • Construction of prototypes (Rapid Prototyping) and testers in our own prototyping shop
  • Verification and Validation (electrical,  mechanical, and climatic tests)
  • Development of testing technology for RF and electronic assemblies used during production



  • Range-optimized RF design (315 MHz - 2.4 GHz)
  • Energy-efficient  and miniaturized electronics
  • Analogue, digital, RF electronics systems
  • Antenna Technologies
  • Standardized and proprietary wireless protocols
  • Networking of sensors & actuators