Telestart T100 HTM

A radio remote control with a display, multi-annual battery life, a reach of hundreds of meters and robust enough to look great on a keyring - even after many years. The T100 HTM is the leading radio remote control in the automotive sector.

The Telestart T100 HTM is available for fitting at specialist workshops.


  • parking heater can be switched on and off directly using the function keys
  • bidirectional radio system with reach up to 1000 meters
  • user can preset the departure time and desired temperature profile
  • integrated heating time management system calculates the best switch-on time for the parking heater (calculates what time the parking heater is switched on using the available settings and the temperature from the sensors inside the vehicle.)
  • 5 comfort levels available
  • The integrated display provides information about the activity of the parking heater, ventilation, temperature, times and preset departure time.

In spite of its integrated multiple function and display, the T100 HTM radio remote control is no bigger than the remote control of the Telestart T90. The modern, high-quality design of the T100 HTM sets it apart from all its predecessors. It is the first control element with display in the original equipment sector.


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