Control Unit for Seat Control

Massage seat control unit

The project consisted of the development and production of massage seat control units in the rear seating area (permanently integrated in the left and right side of the centre armrest). Digades successfully met the customers' requirements (tight tolerances between buttons and homogeneous light expoitation).

The control unit is manufactured for the Chinese luxury market.


  • selection of intensity and program
  • lumbar function via 4 way plate (mechanically interlocked keys)
  • function and search lighting

Technical features:

  • LIN-bus connection (LIN Vers. 2.0, Diagnosekl. 1)
  • Operating voltage: 12V (6,5V – 16,0V)
  • Stand-by current: < 100µA
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +70°C

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