Sports club Zittau


digades is a strong partner and supporter in keeping its employees healthy.

"Our health is the most important thing we have."

That's why we should always take care of our well-being at all levels. Work is of great importance in our lives. It ranks third, only surpassed by family and partnership. It's not easy to bring all this "under one roof". That's why on 15 may 2020 we started our cooperation with the Zittau sports club.
As the first regional family business, together with the sports club under the management of Katrin Prochaska, we will give our employees the opportunity to really see their own health as the most important good. Our digades team will be integrated into the sports studio, which has been running very well for almost three years now.

Variable courses with online registration, nutritional advice, club evenings and joint outdoor tours are just a few of the offers, where each individual can do something for himself, alone, in a group, with his family and now also with new sports companions.

We are really very happy that we are opening another chapter in regional cooperation together with Katrin Prochaska – because sport connects us.

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